HOPE  Cambridge - the vision

Reaching a whole city... together.

Hope Cambridge brings together Church and ministry leaders commited to prayer, fellowship and working together in serving the city, seeing the gospel proclaimed and the kingdom extended

Our work stands in the evangelical tradition, but we gladly share in prayer, hospitality and mutual support with all Christian leaders

Based in and arising out of these relationships we will:

- Host termly network lunches for all Christian leaders
- Resource times and seasons of prayer for the city
- Host month breakfasts - "Sanctuary" as a time of fellowship, devotion and prayer in supporting each other
   and creating a context for life and momentum to develop
- Support and incubate initiatives and ventures that present Jesus and serve the needs of the city where to do so through
   Hope is more mutually fitting than through a local church
- Invest into one key high profile initiative a year that extends the gospel in the city

What this becomes and where this sits alongside other things in the city will be defined as we work with those that want to build together