About HOPE Cambridge

Churches working together, sharing resources and information enabling people to find ways we can help - find your local Church, discover what Churches are doing to help and serve or find information about the latest Christian events taking place in the city.

For many years, Christians all over the UK have been doing fantastic work in their communities, pro-actively loving and serving those around them.

In 2008, churches all over the UK, in communities of all sizes, were encouraged to work together as part of HOPE 08 to harness this activity - uniting in prayer, outreach and community action to help transform their neighbourhoods. HOPE 08 was about motivating and enabling every church, denomination and person to do more to reach people in the place where they live, during the twelve-month period, and beyond.

This initiative had such an impact on Cambridge that we could not just stop at the end of 2008 and so Hope Cambridge (a registered charity) was founded.

Hope Cambridge has three main causes:

  • Fostering relationships among leaders in the city
  • Strategic Prayer for the City
  • Evangelism and City engagement where together we can do more for the Gospel and the Kingdom

Hope is about doing more together – and doing it in word & action.

Will you join us and see what bringing Hope can do to serve and bless our City and local neighbourhoods?

Hope Cambridge is a registered charity - Registered Charity Number 1125327